Helping a person won’t necessarily change the world, but it will change the world for that person.

I am a bilingual Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in San Mateo, California and provide services in English and Farsi. I have been working with individuals, couples and families since 2008. 

I am a compassionate, caring therapist who is interested in helping you find your inner voice and parts of yourself that have not been heard or attended to due to trauma, immigration, addiction, unhealthy relationships or other reasons in your life.

My style is client-centered and humanistic, and I am also very interested in childhood experiences and attachment styles that have shaped your adult life patterns. I understand that knowledge and insight alone doesn't bring on change, and there needs to be a desire from within for change to occur. I will create a safe and non judgmental environment for you to discover your barriers to change.

I am passionate about the area of addiction and recovery. Human beings are wired to experience love and connection and to fear abandonment. Unresolved painful experiences and disconnection could be a trigger to self-medication and compulsive use of alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling, work or sex. Through creating a healthy relationship in therapy you can start to recognize and heal some of your wounds and create healthier patterns and relationships.

I am also very interested in working with women on issues related to self-esteem, acceptance, being good enough, parenting, relationships and co-dependency. In today's society there is a lot of pressure on women to be perfect. If you struggle with self image and are constantly judging and comparing yourself with others I can help you find your authentic self and work on self acceptance and self love.

You have now taken the first step towards finding your healthier, fuller and more authentic life. As a Marriage and Family Therapist I am honored to join you on this journey as you discover yourself.

San Francisco State University, MA in Counseling MFT
Columbia University, MA in Organizational Psychology
University of California at Davis, BS in Biological Psychology